Thursday, 2 April, 2009

Back to blogging

Yeow... It's been quite a while since I blogged here. I've been doing somewhat better in my other blog about GATE question papers' solutions.
The reason I've not been so active here is, unlike there, here I don't have anything specific to say.. I was just bloggin whenever I felt I had free time, and also had something technically interesting to write about.
These recent days, I had convinced myself that I was busy, couldn't afford time for blogging, didn't have anything worthy enough to blog about, etc. It's crazy to what extent you can deceive yourself, given this is possibly the most vetti (translated: being without any work) period I have ever had... :)
Meanwhile, Vijay had a look at my blog and was upset that it was fully technical. He recommended I write something 'not-so-technical' and more like a blog. And that seemed like a good idea too, as that would (hopefully) be much easier to do than to analyze and write a technical one...
But what non-technical topic do I know anything about?
I'm a closet nerd, and hate small talk. I might do it in RL for 'social' reasons (gee, do I hate that word!), but surely not in my blog. This is my space, and shall remain so.
Vijay himself came to the rescue again - 'you think a lot about spiritual and philosophical issues right, why not write articles about that?' he asked. For then, I pointed him to my pseudo home page:, but I knew it was heavily outdated and incomplete, and the content wasn't all that mature either. My views and ideas have changed a lot in the mean time (hopefully in a positive gradient), and I've (again hopefully) matured a lot.
So, the conclusion of all this rant is, this is probably going to be the platform for my spiritual or philosophical posts too (unless I decide to start a new blog for it - in which case, I'll surely tell you).
Also, don't get daunted by those two words - By spiritual, I mean things that can improve your life, and by philosophical, I just mean things that I think through deeply.. I'll keep the articles as interesting as Sundar-ly possible. ;)
Finally, I promise you this will be the only nearly-contentless post in my blog (at least for some time), and I'll post something worthwhile as soon as possible... :)


Anonymous said...

More "spiritual and philosophical" sounds good as long as it's not crazy spiritual or like intellectual masturbation. hehe.

Don't stop writing technical things here, though. The main reason I follow this blog is for the technical posts. I believe I found it when I did a search on something on the Euler challenge site.

Anonymous said...

...oh and the main reason I like this better than the GATE blog (which I just looked) is the RSS feeds give you the full content of the blog posts here.


Sundar said...

It sure won't be any crazy spiritual - as I said, it would be things that can improve our lives very practically.

And the technical posts will remain the focus of this blog, it _might_ get the s&p (spiritual and philosophical is so long to type :) ) posts from time to time.

And thanks for pointing out about the GATE blog, now it's fixed to give the full post in the feed. I don't know what I was thinking when setting it to partial feed. I hope it works now.